The 'Verein der Freunde des Flughafens Linz' (Aviation Society Linz Airport) was founded by some aviation technicians. Helmut Machl, a former operations manager of Linz Airport, acted as the first chairman of our society. Even at this time monthly club meetings were held and other events was organized for club members. In consequence of turbulences with airport manager Peter Riedl, Robert Lang took over the leadership of the Aviation Society Linz Airport.

Actually the Aviation Society Linz Airport has about 300 members, mostly interested in Linz Airport, aircraft and civil aviation. These members come from all social layers and form an arrangement, which unites the same hobby. Besides the focal point of Linz Airport the members will be offered interesting special presentations and aviation-related tours to airports and manufacturers of aviation parts. As well club trips are arranged within Austria and Europe but also on other continents, like North America or Asia.

Our society regards itself as a community of aviation enthusiasts and supporter of blue danube airport linz. Civil aviation with all highly interesting facets und facts is the focal point of our community. Our chairman Robert Lang is supported by sub-chairman Dr. Dieter Anderle and Alois Friedl as casher. Club's own member media is established by Jürgen Stiglmair, who is also the travel professional of the Aviation Society Linz Airport. Michael David is arranging our web performance. Other members of the club leader board are Cornelia Lang, Franz Thumfart, Roland Koll and Erich Gruber.

Aviation Society Linz Airport closely cooperates with the management board of blue danube airport linz on constructive basis, as well with our friendly partner societies at the airports of Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna.

Linz Airport (LNZ/LOWL) is a regional airport in Upper Austria near to Linz, the formerly european capital city of culture in 2009. Because of close distance to the river Danube the Airport will be called 'blue danube airport linz' with 650.000 passengers a year approximately. There a scheduled flights to Vienna, Germany and London-Stansted. In summer flights to Croatia, Greece, Spain, Tunisia are offered with airline like NIKI, Sun Express or Tunis Air. Also there are flights to Egypt und Turkey all-the-year. Linz Airport is a well-known cargo site, scheduling by DHL for flights from and to Leipzig and Ljubljana with a Boeing 757-200F on weekdays. Sometimes there are also cargo charter flights with widebody aircraft like Antonov An-124, Boeing 747 (all series) and Boeing MD-11 or smaller cargo devices (e.g. Antonov An-12/24, ATR 42/72, Swearingen Metro). Linz Airport is prepared for all types of aircraft such as the landing of Antonov An-225 in 2003, Airbus A380 in 2010 or the Concorde before 1990. There are no flights of the well-known red painted Fokker 27 or Lockheed L-188 Electra of Amerer Air any more.

Austrian military airbase "Hoersching - Vogler" (LOXL) is located on the south side of the airport area with squadrons of Saab 105Oe, Lockheed C-130K Hercules (former aircraft of Royal Air Force) and helicopters. At this air base no EADS Eurofighter Typhoon are based but sometimes there are training sessions. An old Saab J35Oe Draken is on display at the main entrance of the air base as gate guard, there is a second Draken of the Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet) preserved as military fire trainer. Close to Linz Airport there is the factory of the leading company of firefighter equipment Rosenbauer AG (e.g. "Simba", "Panther", "Buffalo" or "Mamba"). Many promotional productions of Rosenbauer aircraft fire fighting vehicles will be produced at Linz Airport.

Download information sheet about Aviation Society Linz Airport (pdf)

Important instructions for foreign spotters:

- Cutting holes into the security fences enclosing the area of the airport is strictly forbidden - please use ladders!
- listening to the aircraft radio is forbidden in Austria
- please follow ban of driving and parking areas around the airport
- please don't destroy seeded fields or grassland around the airport
- please take your waste with you - don't trash them away at outside spotter positions

Spotter information sheet (free download as pdf)

For further information about Aviation Society Linz Airport please contact us as follow:

Verein der Freunde des Flughafens Linz / Aviation Society Linz Airport
Flughafenstrasse 1 - A-4063 Hoersching, AUSTRIA
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